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Three lease issues of concern

| Jun 23, 2020 | Leases

One of the benefits of buying a franchise is that there is often business guidance and support for launching the business. Nonetheless, there are some issues that the owner or franchisor should be mindful of before he or she signs a contract. This caution allows them to avoid decisions that they later come to regret.

It is wise for owners to use an attorney when planning to sign a lease agreement. While the space the owner picked is the right size and seems to be in the right location, a lawyer can recognize potential legal issues overlooked by the franchisor that could escalate into a significant problem.

Zoning and land use

Some complications to avoid include:

  • Zoning restrictions: It is essential to ensure that the zoning of the commercial space or property matches the new occupant.
  • Limits on use: There may be laws that prohibit the sale of alcohol, use for light industry or recreation.
  • Surrounding property: The zoning of the space in question may be proper, but there can be potential issues with the zoning of adjacent properties.

Legal guidance can also provide solutions

Life has a way of getting complicated. Seldom is this truer than when a business owner finds himself or herself in conflict with a zoning board. Ideally, an attorney will spot issues before the contract is signed, but it may be necessary to pursue a solution after the fact because of unforeseen circumstances. In either case, smart legal advice can minimize stress and find efficient and effective solutions to these issues.