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Legal Evaluation Of Your Franchise Agreement

If you are a potential franchisee, your business documents are key. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that they are valid, comprehensive and fair before you make a purchase decision.

At Lanard and Associates, our franchise attorneys do not hold up the process. We are deal makers, not deal breakers.

We have extensive experience representing franchisees nationwide, which allows us to know what is typical, what is concerning and what is important to revise. Through meticulous contract review and negotiation, we will work to protect your interests.

Thorough Research Leads To An Informed Purchase

The trademark is the cornerstone of what you are buying with a franchise investment. Our franchise lawyers will check that the trademark is a live, valid, federally registered trademark. This process involves checking state records to ensure there will be no trademark infringement claim brought against you.

We will also learn about the background of the people and company along with the franchisor’s litigation and bankruptcy disclosures, among other records. In addition, we will review the terms of the franchise agreement and explain the franchisor’s obligations to the franchisees and vice versa.

Gain A Complete Assessment

You can depend on our firm to provide a sophisticated review of franchise-related documents, including:

  • Certain items of disclosure contained in the franchise disclosure document (FDD)
  • Franchise agreements
  • Area development agreements
  • Personal guaranties
  • Software licensing agreements
  • Nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements

When necessary, we can negotiate the franchise agreement on your behalf. We may help you seek modifications that could protect you legally or financially. For example, we can request limits to indemnification to the franchisor, which can help shield you from potential liability for economic losses.

Review Your Documents Today

Investing in a franchise opportunity is a significant financial decision. Safeguard your interests with the help of an experienced franchise lawyer. Located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, but serving clients nationwide, we can help you from the initial contract review through entity formation and more anywhere in the country.

Call 215-392-0030 or email Lanard and Associates for a free consultation. For decades, our attorneys have provided quality services at reasonable flat fees.