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Legal Help To Ensure A Smooth Transition Of Business Ownership

At Lanard and Associates, we protect the interests of business owners. When you are selling a business, we help you effectively sever your ties so you do not suffer from ongoing liability for your former business.

Our attorneys work hard to facilitate the sale of your business as quickly and smoothly as possible. You can rest assured that our team will strongly advocate for your best interests and strive to maximize your assets. When representing a seller in the process of a business sale, we negotiate the documents so that they are free of obligations once the sale goes through.

We protect your excluded assets and make sure that you are no longer bound to any prior franchise agreements or commercial leases. If you will be lending part of the purchase price to the buyer of the business, we draft the required documents, including the promissory note, security interest, personal guaranty and UCC filings, to ensure that your financial interests are protected with appropriate collateral.

Selling A Franchise Business

Selling a franchise business consists of some additional steps. If the seller is a franchisee, he or she will need to secure the consent of the franchisor and the landlord. We will also make sure that all business assets and liabilities are transferred to the new owner.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience helping clients buy and sell businesses and franchises across multiple industries. Our clients appreciate that we utilize our decades of experience to provide the best experience at reasonable fees. Lanard and Associates provides you with high-quality legal work and prompt, responsive services at reasonable fees. Call our team at 215-392-0030 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.